On November 23-25, at 2010 the Moscow zoo On November 23-25, 2010 the Moscow zoo hosted the Workshop on researches in zoological gardens organized by Eurasian Regional Assocoation of Zoos and Aquariums (EARAZA). It was attended by 42 representatives from 17 Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian zoos including two zoo directors and 7 deputed directors as well as people from two nature-conservative reserves.

The EAZA Research Strategy “Developing the research potential of zoos and aquaria” was presented to the participants of workshop during special report. Followed lectures were mainly dedicated to elucidation of different theses of the Strategy and to methodology support of zoo research activity.

The titles of these lectures are listed below.
• The EAZA Research Strategy. Why researches are necessary and useful for the Zoos? The organization and main themes of zoo researches (PhD S.V.Popov)
• Current zoo documentation as source of scientific knowledge (O.G.Iltchenko & G.V.Vakhrusheva)
• Conservation zoo researches in situ (I.A.Serbinova & PhD S.V.Popov)
• The possibilities for raising the level of zoo researchers’ skills (N.A.Karpov)
• The theoretical background of zoo environment enrichment (PhD S.V.Popov).
• Animals` welfare researches in zoos. Animal-keeper interactions. (PhD E.S. Neprintceva)
• The presentation of zoo researches guides (PhD S.V.Popov)
• The problems of behavioural ontogenesis in zoos (E.U.Fedorovich).
• Researches of zoo animals’ behavioral pathology (I.P.Vostchanova).
• The compiling of ethograms and its using in zoo practice (E.U.Pavlova).
• Molecular-genetic methods in zoos practice. The researches of genetic diversity of captive populations (PhD M.V.Holodova).
• Noninvasive hormonal analyses in zoo researches and practice (E.U.Tkacheva)
• Sociological researches in the zoos (PhD E. J. Migunova)
• Vet researches in Herpetology (PhD D.B.Vasiliev)
• Zoo Populations Management (T.D. Arzhanova & L.J. Kurilovich)
• Master class on clicker training (PhD E.S. Neprintceva)
• Master class on keeper-animal contacts (I.A. Alekseicheva)
• Master class on behaviour records methods (the staff of Moscow Zoo Research Dpt.):
The Measurement of Primates` bonds by informal intuitive method (PhD V.A.Meshik)
The Measurement of using of enclosure space by Zoo animals (PhD S.V.Popov).
The use of videotaping for Zoo behavioural researches (I.P.Vostchanova).
Time sampling roles in behaviour records methods (PhD E.S. Neprintceva)

Russian versions of these reports` presentations are free available at the Moscow Zoo site.