The Club of the Young Biologists of the Zoo (CYBZ) was founded in the Moscow zoo in 1924. It is one of the oldest circles of such kind in Russia, the graduates are widely known not only in our country, but also worldwide. Perhaps there is no branch in biology, where the CYBZ's graduates would not work. However, the word "graduate" is not popular in CYBZ: everyone, who has ever engaged in the circle, names himself "CYBZ-person" all his life.

CYBZ was organised due to the initiative of the former zoo director, professor of the Moscow University М.М.Zavadovskiy. The scientific director of Moscow Zoo Pyotr Aleksandrovich Manteifel was the founder of the circle. The CYBZ's founders wanted to attract young people to the zoo problems. On April, 9th, 1924 the first meeting was held, where the Charter was predicated. The executive authority of CYBZ belonged to the elected Bureau, but the supreme power was exersized by the common meeting. On such meetings new members are accepted in CYBZ, the member's reports on their observations are presented and discussed, the circle internal problems are solved. Such democratic traditions are maintained in CYBZ since the moment of its foundation.

CYBZ history is enreached with interesting events: in 1929 young biologists with P.A.Manteifel ahead were the first in the world to breed sables in captivity and now the sable is on the CYBZ's label; In 30s CYBZ-members have pressed authorities for the organization of Kiyovo-lake reserve near Moscow, the nesting place of gulls.


When the New territory of the Zoo was opened they helped to transfer animals to their new enclosures: "Animals' Island", "Goat hill", etc. It appeared, that the animals could escaped from some of new enclosures, so CYBZ-members together with the zoo specialists watched by the most dangerous places. Once snow leopard escaped and all CYBZ-members together with Manteifel were catching him. The caught animal was returned to it's enclosure, and old CYBZ-members keep in memory exiting impressions of the incident until now.Later the more high walls of ditches were constructed and now nobody can escape. The great support was provided by the CYBZ-people to the zoo during The World War II. They helped to cultivate vegetables to feed animals; when the heating system was destroyed by bombing and the animals suffered from cold, young biologists took a part of them to their homes.

At present CYBZ don't reduce its activity. Young biologists assist the scientific stuff to carry on observations of animals. They bring the materials for enclosures' decorum from nature. On vacations they organize expeditions to various Russian reserves. (photo – Young biologists in spring in the forest near Moscow).

Many famous people were the CYBZ-members: academician A.G.Yablokov, writers V.V.Chaplina and I.I.Akimushkin and many others. A lot of former young biologists are the specialists of our zoo now.

Studies in the Club are free-of-charge.
Additional information about CYBZ can be obtained by the phone +7 (495) 254-23-04.