Adopt an Animal


Adopt an Animal Program

From 1992 through 1997 the Moscow Zoo underwent total reconstruction. The Moscow City Government sponsored and built new modern facilities for the animals, and reconstructed historical buildings originating from previous years.

On the whole, the Zoo`s facilities provide adequate opportunities for successful research, conservation and education work. However, there is still a lot to be done. The unique reptile collection is practically inaccessible to viewing. Buildings are being designed for the Aquarium, Zoo Theater, and the Education Department, while the construction of the Conservatory with elements of tropical fauna has been frozen. Construction is also in progress at the Rare Species Breeding Center in Volokolamsk.

Another project that requires funding is setting up additional exhibits that would provide information on animal biology, conservation measures and the tasks facing modern zoos. Information has already been collected for the creation of a Zoo Museum.

Serious investments are needed for the implementation of all these projects, besides the funds required for maintaining a high standard of daily animal care and research. So far, the main source of funds has been the Moscow City Budget. The goal of the Animal Adoption Program is to ensure the participation of all the animal lovers who can afford to help the Moscow City Government in supporting this noble cause.

Any person or organization of any kind can choose an animal to their liking and "adopt" it. The next step is concluding a Donation Agreement with the Zoo. According to this Agreement, the donor pays for the feeding and care of the chosen animal. The cost of daily care is only 50% of the feeding costs. New plaques with the names of the donors will be installed near the enclosures. These programs are popular with zoo friends in many cities and countries. During the time after its foundation, the Moscow Zoo was also built and developed with the help of patrons and benefactors. Thankfully, the patronage tradition is still alive in Russia, and we are really grateful to all those who have already become the Zoo`s benefactors and those who are only thinking about becoming one of them.

A complete list of zoo animals can be found under the heading For Professionals. We can calculate the costs of feeding and care of your chosen species at you request. For further information,  8 499 766 7412.


Participation in animal conservation is expanding, and we would like to thank all those who are willing to help.